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Dental Implantation 

In Georgian reality, many people have an adentia ( loss of the tooth ) or teeth. Modern medicine offers many ways to replace natural teeth, although medical researchers consider dental implants to be the most effective of these methods. Unlike other methods at this time the neighboring teeth remain intact (undamaged).

Dental implant is an artificial root made of biocompatible material. An implant is placed in the jawbone to fix an artificial crown (tooth) or bridge. A dental implant after a tooth or tooth loss is the ideal solution to repair a denture defect. It fits perfectly into the jaw bone and allows us to fully restore function and aesthetics. The number of implants is not limited, however, this does not mean that 32 implants are needed for complete edentulousness. Their number depends on the clinical case.

Implantation treatment is planned at Blits Dental Kakherer Kharebava Clinic using digital technologies and surgical templates, which ensures accurate placement of dental implants and further allows us to obtain predictable results during orthopedic treatment.

What is a dental implantation?

Dental implantation is a surgical operation in which a dentist inserts a dental implant into a patient's jaw bone. Both, local and general anesthesia are available during surgery.

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is an artificial root made from a biocompatible material. An implant is placed in the jawbone to fix an artificial crown (tooth) or bridge.

Advantages of dental implant:

The implant completely replaces the natural tooth both aesthetically and functionally. Unlike a prosthesis, when inserting several dental implants, there is no irrational loss of neighboring tooth tissue. Unlike a prosthesis, implants inserted by a professional implantologist will follow you for a lifetime, of course, if cared for properly.

Dental Implant Prices

The price of a dental implant depends on the quality of the implant. We use the highest quality implants at Blits Dental - Kakhaber Kharebava clinic. The price of the implant is quite affordable compared to the quality. To understand the price of a specific implant, contact us: 0322831715.

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