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Orthodontics is the most effective and recommended way to correct misalignment of teeth and dentition. Both removable and non-removable structures are used for orthodontic treatment. Removable structures include plates and caps, and non-removable structures - braces, which may be metal, ceramic, self-ligating or lingual.

Metal braces are the most widely used and at the same time, affordable construction that attaches to the outer surface of the tooth, is a durable and reliable fixation.

The advantage of ceramic braces is in its aesthetics, unlike metal braces, it repeats the color of the tooth and is less noticeable.

Fixation of the lingual braces occurs on the inner surface of the tooth and is used in relatively mild cases.

Self-ligating braces are for vestibular fixation. Treatment is done with weakly acting forces. In most cases it does not require tooth extraction and is very comfortable. Hygiene is also greatly simplified.

In addition to braces, orthodontic treatment is possible with individual caps - liners. The advantage of the cap treatment is that it is not visually visible, can be removed if necessary, and at the same time is a comfortable construction. His treatment period does not require a regular visit to the doctor and hygiene is also greatly simplified.

To achieve a quick result it is necessary to wear it daily, 24 hours, removal is possible only with food and dental hygiene. Each cap is changed once in 2 weeks, the treatment period lasts from 1 to 2 years. In difficult cases, when it is impossible to treat without braces, the combined method is recommended.

The duration of orthodontic treatment depends on the severity of the condition, it starts from 6 months and lasts up to 2 years.