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Gnathology is one of the major fields of dentistry in the 21st century, one of the most important in the planning of dental care.

It is a field of dentistry that studies the jaw-tooth system.

Improperly performed orthopedic, orthodontic or therapeutic treatment can cause a number of problems in the area of ​​the mandibular joint.

The main complaints of gynecological patients are:

  • Pain in the area of ​​the lower jaw
  • Stretching of the muscles involved in chewing
  • Jaw joint cracking
  • Restriction on opening or closing the mouth
  • Tinnitus and wheezing
  • Asymmetry of the lower third of the face (aesthetic discomfort)
  • Tooth loss (bruxism)

The main goal of gynecological treatment is to correct the asymmetry of the lower third of the face, to center the joint heads of the lower jaw and the mandibular joint, to normalize the occlusion. The treatment is done through special transparent caps, which are placed on the teeth of the lower jaw and last from 4 to 6 months.

Blits Dental - Kakhaber Kharebava Clinic is equipped with the latest 3D computed tomography, which is one of the main means of diagnosing gnathological patients. It provides a detailed discussion of both joints in mm.