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Treatment of dental caries

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During the caries process, hard tissues of the tooth are demineralized and softened, resulting in formation of carious cavity.

The stage of caries development is determined by its depth:

  • Stain stage
  • Superficial caries
  • Medium caries
  • Deep caries

The goal of caries treatment is to restore the integrity of the damaged tooth tissue and to stop the progression of process. 

The treatment of caries at Kakhaber Kharebava Center of  Implantology and Orthopedic Dentistry is carried out with the help of Dentsply Sirona dental equipment and a special dental microscope, which allows you to enlarge the image 4-25 times. Prolonged and high-aesthetic results are achieved by microscopic processing of tooth structures. 

In the clinic are used the latest generation of nanotechnology beam-hardening materials (nanocomposites) , which are characterized by high aesthetics, durability and color stability. 

If necessary, caries treatment is performed using analgesia, and patient returns to normal life as soon as the procedure is completed.

Kakhaber Kharebava Center of Implantology and Orthopedic Dentistry has  created a completely safe and comfortable environment for treatment of patients.