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Endodontics is a field of dentistry that involves the diagnosis and treatment of teeth root canal diseases. Today, endodontics is one of the most dynamically developing fields of dentistry, and endodontic treatment represents the leading direction at Kakhaber Kharebava Center of Implantology and Orthopedic Dentistry.  The treatment of root canals in our clinic is implemented by endodontists who possess the skills and technologies adapted to the modernity in this field.  While treating patients, we achieve long-term and predictable results. The use of dental microscopes at Kakhaber Kharebava Center of  Implantology and Orthopedic Dentistry makes it possible to save even "hopeless" teeth. With the help of a microscope, through 25 magnifications we can see complete and detailed condition of tooth surface and interior.  Optical magnification provides reliable and long-lasting results during complex treatment.  

ZEISS is the world's leading manufacturer’s microscope; it is much more than a device.  This ensures 100% identification of dental anatomy and it makes possible for endodontists to conduct guaranteed treatment.  Treatment methods, modern endodontic means and professionalism of doctors eliminate the complications and prevent the likelihood of tooth loss.