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Professional Cleansing of teeth

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The goal of the professional cleansing procedure is to remove soft pigmented and dense plaque. Kakhaber Kharebava Center of Implantology and Orthopedic Dentistry offers this procedure with the latest generation device.  When using Air Flow, special sand and water are pressurized on the tooth surface, which actively removes pigmented deposits from hard-to-reach places.  When using an ultrasound scaler, the tooth plaque is removed so that the hard tissue of tooth is not damaged. After cleansing, unpleasant odor from the gums is reduced, and teeth return to their natural color. The procedure is a kind of prevention of carious processes and diseases of the gums. After cleaning, polishing is implemented with brushes and through a special amrasive partem, remineralization is done using fluoride-containing preparations.   Professional cleansing procedure   lasts 40-60 minutes,  and is recommended to be performed  once every 4-6 months.