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Tooth whitening

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In Kakhaber Kharebava Center of Implantology and Orthopedic Dentistry teeth whitening is performed by  WHITE SMILE  FLASH  system. 

Types of bleaching: 

  • Home system

In case if whitening method with individual caps is used, the imprint is taken on both jaws (or one),  and individual caps are prepared in laboratory, it is given to the patient with the special whitening  gel, which should be used in a specific mode. This whitening method is a prolonged method,  because we get particular results  after 3-4 days, and the whole course lasts for  21 days. 

  • Whitening office system

This method is relatively quick in obtaining results,  desired effect can be obtained  with only one visit of the patient , for this an ultra modern brand device  with an innovative positioning system, touch screen, color screen and  keyboard is used.  (condition of tooth is programmatically evaluated, before and after the whitening procedure). During Beam Whitening, gums are isolated by means of a beam-resistant  gel, a whitening material (gel) is placed on the teeth, the beam is positioned, which activates gel, removes pigment and whitens tooth by several tones in 30 minutes. To reduce the sensitivity after the procedure, the teeth are covered with fluoride-containing gel and a 14-day white diet is prescribed to maintain the result.

Bleaching mechanism:

In both cases of whitening, there is acting  a high percentage hydrogen,  as a result of its decomposition, active molecular oxygen is released, which reaches the tissues, thus expelling the pigment and, consequently  bleaching  teeth. The distinguishing marks of these two types of bleaching are the different concentrations and timing (duration of action) of   gel.

Advantages of the device: 

  • Flaesh lamp's unique positioning feature, which allows easy placement
  • Directed treatment - The device can only be operated with a flaesh card, which activates only WHITE SMILES  gel.
  • Easy locking system.
  • Separate teeth whitening program
  •  Special options for sensitive teeth
  • Optimal placement of the light source towards the patient
  • Fast result
  • Safety
  • Sensitivity of gum and tooth tissue is controlled at the expense of using desensitizer