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Artistic restoration

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Artistic Restoration is a procedure correcting acquired and natural defects of tooth, which is necessary for creation of charming smile. By its means it is possible to improve the aesthetics of your teeth line.

You will be able to change the tooth:

  • Form
  • Colour (whitening)
  • Standing anomaly
  • Old dental  filling
  • Worn surface
  • Spaces between teeth (diastema, trema)
  • Tooth carious and non-carious  damage
  • Traumatic  and broken teeth

And all these are possible by the Artistic Restoration.

With full adherence to the doctor's recommendations, it is possible to maintain a healthy and confident smile for 7-10 years.

At Kakhaber Kharebava Center of Implantology and Orthopedic Dentistry are used the latest generation of nanotechnologic  beam-resistant  materials (nanocomposites) , which are characterized by high aesthetics, durability and color stability.