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Periodontics is one of the most important part of dentistry, which studies the diseases of the tissues of the oral cavity that ensure the fixation of the tooth in the jaw bone. These tissues are: gums, periodontal ligament, alveolar bone, and duodenum.

In our century, a smile aesthetic is unimaginable without pink beautiful gums, which is why this field is rapidly evolving and important.

Periodontal treatment primarily detects and diagnoses the disease.

  • Collection of anamnesis
  • Fill in the periodontal map
  • Oral photography
  • Computed tomography

By summarizing all these data, a correct diagnosis is made and then a treatment plan is drawn up individually for the patient.

The duration and methods of treatment depend on the diagnosis. Periodontics is the only field of dentistry when the patient's recovery depends not only on a qualified doctor and the equipment of the clinic, but also 50% on the patient's motivation, his repeated referrals made by the doctor.

Periodontal treatment involves the mechanical elimination of bacterial biopsy, a soft and hard deposit, primarily in the dental-gingival area. Which is done through a special apparatus and it is called root scaling and instrumentation. In case of difficult diagnoses, additional treatment methods are used:

  • Use of antibacterial medications topically and orally
  • Photodynamic laser therapy, diode laser therapy
  • In the case of mobility of teeth, they are replaced by different methods

In severe and progressive periodontitis it is necessary to rehabilitate the patient with simultaneous involvement of all branches of dentistry, only periodontal treatment is not enough.