Oral Health And Age-Related Challenges

15 February 2024

Today, the team of "Blits Dental - Kakhaber Kharebavs Clinic" would like to talk to you about dental problems that are especially relevant in certain age groups. 

Caries Of Milk Teeth

When we talk about age and dental problems related to it, we must start the conversation with dental caries.

It is quite easy for a parent to detect the signs of caries in early and adolescent children. At this time, white or brown spots appear on the teeth and there is increased sensitivity to temperature stimuli (cold, hot), an unpleasant smell may appear from the mouth. As soon as the mentioned symptoms appear, you should immediately consult a children's dentist, because carious processes progress very quickly in children, compared to adults. It is characterized by rapid damage to neighboring teeth. If you don't react in time, even the entire dental arch of your children may be involved in carious processes. 

Diseases Caused By Tobacco Use

According to the 2023 study conducted by the Center for Disease Control, 27% of the total population of Georgia and 46% of the population of Georgia between the ages of 18 and 45 regularly use tobacco. That is why the dental risks caused by the consumption of cigarettes and various tobacco products are especially high in the age group of 18 to 45 years.

When you smoke each stick of cigarette, when the tobacco smoke enters the mouth, the tooth enamel is significantly damaged - caries appear, the gums become irritated, the teeth turn yellow, pigment plaques appear, and often, stomatitis develops. The most common reason for the development of stomatitis is mechanical damage to the mucous membrane (depending on external factors). At this time, bacteria that develop locally reach the oral cavity. Stomatitis mostly spreads in the form of painful erosions and ulcers. One of the most clearly expressed problems for smokers is also halitosis - the same unpleasant smell in the mouth. That is why it is especially important for smokers to follow the rules of oral hygiene and visit the dentist at least once every 6 months for a professional cleaning.


Adentia refers to the complete or partial lack of teeth in the oral cavity, and it occurs mostly in patients aged 45 and older. In clinical practice, there are different types of adentia, namely: primary or secondary adentia or complete and partial adentia. Regardless of which type of adentia the patient is suffering from, the absence of even one tooth in the oral cavity is a serious problem both visually and functionally. Implantation of teeth is the most effective method of treatment of adentia (toothlessness). The main advantage of a dental implant is that it is similar to natural teeth and fits harmoniously in the patient's mouth. In everyday life, when you smile and talk, considering the color of the implant and the gloss of the crown placed on it, similar to tooth enamel, it is impossible to tell that it is artificial. In addition, the artificial crown of the implant is very similar to a natural tooth, not only visually, but also with the sensations that the patient receives during the chewing process. Patients do not even feel the presence of an artificial implant in the jawbone. Because the dental implant is made of a very hard material, it can withstand high loads and is quite resistant to wear. We must not forget that dental implants have a positive effect on the patient's self-esteem. Dental implants significantly improve a person's quality of life and allow the patient to enjoy an attractive, harmonious smile.

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