International Level Dental Clinic

30 May 2024

The "Blits Dental - Kakhaber Kharebava Clinic" team comprises dentists with many years of experience. Since 2018, our clinic has been taking care of the confident smiles of our patients and allowing them to enjoy the desired result as quickly and painlessly as possible. The main goal of our clinic and doctors is to create a confident smile. A team of professional dentists, our laboratory, modern equipment, and the guarantee of getting the desired result are some of the reasons that have earned our clinic the status of the best dental clinic in Georgia and the entire Transcaucasian region. Most importantly, the environment of our clinic is fully adapted to the needs of the patient - the treatment process is completely safe and comfortable, The clinic is located in the center of the city, on Kuchishvili Street, number 11. The interior and exterior perimeter of our dental clinic is fully adapted to the needs of disabled people.

International Partners

Kakhaber Kharebava Dental Clinic is a strategic partner of the German premium brand Dentsply Sirona. Dentsply Sirona is one of the largest manufacturers of professional dental equipment in the world. Therefore, compared to other alternatives on the market, our dental clinic has a technological advantage. Our dental clinic and laboratory are fully equipped with equipment and treatment materials manufactured by Dentsply Sirona, meeting modern medical and dental standards.

"Blits Dental - Kakhaber Kharebava Clinic" cooperates with Vita, an Italian company producing dental materials. As a result of the close cooperation between our clinic and Vita for many years, patients of our clinic can receive dental services with materials made using the latest technologies.

Our clinic also cooperates with the Italian laboratory Laboratorio Odontotecnico Zaramella. It is the modern equipment of our clinic and the high level of doctor-dentists that made the Italian laboratory choose Blits Dental - Kakhaber Kharebava clinic as a partner in the Caucasus region.

The services and technologies of "Blits Dental - Kakhaber Kharebava Clinic" are multifunctional, which allows our patients to receive any kind of dental services promptly at one address (Vera, Kuchishvili 11). Our clinic allows you to receive services in therapeutic, orthopedic, orthodontic, periodontological, implantological, and gnathological directions. Our services also include such less invasive manipulations as: teeth whitening and professional teeth cleaning, teeth straightening with braces (metal braces, porcelain braces, lingual braces) and caps, caries treatment (dental canal filling), etc. Our dental clinic also offers services in children's dentistry. Children feel comfortable in our clinic because the environment is fully adapted to their needs - play spaces and colorful applications on the walls entertain them, and our team of professionals, based on their practical knowledge, ensures that children get a good experience of visiting the dentist at an early age.

Blits Dental - Kakhaber Kharebava Clinic's team of professionals in the treatment process uses the latest methods of the 21st century and, based on cooperation with the Zaramella laboratory, ensures speed and quality of treatment.

  • Intraoral scanner - Omnicam: the latest dental scanner, which, in real-time, instantly captures the desired area of the patient's mouth on the screen, in color format, and thus making the process of taking an impression faster and easier.
  • 3D tomography - Orthophos SL 3D: 3D computed tomography is the best way to obtain a three-dimensional image of the entire maxillofacial area, the entire skull, or the desired area, and an accurate image of the oral cavity.
  • Digital Smile Design: by means of DSD, it is possible not only to clearly compare the existing clinical picture before and after the treatment but also to observe the obtained result. After the patient's visit, the doctor analyzes the photo data using DSD - Digital Smile Design. Based on the individual needs of the patient, determine the treatment plan and prepare it for presentation to the patient.
  • Dental microscope (ZEISS, LEICA Calipso) - Provides maximum illumination of the working space in the oral cavity so that the doctor can see better. The microscope magnifies the image approximately 25 times, which helps the dentist determine the exact anatomical structure of the tooth and restore it with maximum accuracy.