Occlusion In Children

12 October 2023

What is Occlusion of teeth?

Occlusion is the symmetrical alignment of the upper and lower jaw teeth, when the mouth is closed. Dentition plays an important role in the health of both the patient's mouth and his whole body. 

Occlusion Problems, Signs

Dentition is disturbed in cases where the points of contact between the teeth of the upper and lower jaw are incorrect and asymmetrical. This asymmetry can hinder the natural growth and development of the baby's mouth and prevent your baby from developing proper speech. Teething problems are individual for every child, although today there are 7 most common anomalies:

Cross bite - when the lower jaw is turned to the side, the symmetry of the upper and lower jaw bone is broken, and therefore their center does not coincide when the mouth is closed. If this malocclusion is not corrected at an early age, it can lead to many complications. The most difficult to correct is the asymmetry of the face caused by incorrect stimulation of the muscles and disturbed dentition. There are clinical cases where both lateral and anterior teeth are cross-bited.

Mesial occlusion - when the lower jaw touches the top of the upper jaw when closing the mouth. This dentition greatly hinders the development of the upper jaw and has a great impact on the disorder of facial proportions. At this time, the natural symmetry of the face is visually disturbed and the jaw of the patient leaves a "protruding" effect.

Open occlusion - this is a form of dentition, when during closing of the mouth only the back teeth are in contact, and the front teeth cannot touch each other. Various bad habits contribute to the formation of this dentition, for example, such as mouth breathing, prolonged sucking of a pacifier, tongue sucking, and others.

Deep occlusion - in this case, the front teeth of the patient's upper jaw cover the teeth of the lower jaw very much when the mouth is closed. Such occlusion mostly leads to gum problems, improper wear of the teeth, retardation of the development of the lower jaw and disruption of the articular function.

Close positioning of the teeth - with such an anomaly of the dentition, the permanent teeth do not have a place to erupt well, so they "fit" in the place of the existing tooth and "narrow" the neighboring teeth. The lack of space in the oral cavity and the increase in the number of teeth directly lead to the confusion of the symmetry of the dentition.

Spaces between teeth - This can be caused by missing teeth. During this teething problem, the parent often does not notice the asymmetry of the child's mouth. The place of the missing tooth is quickly filled in the teenager's mouth. Over time, the teeth are distributed in the oral cavity in such a way that they partially absorb the empty space freed in place of the missing tooth, which, of course, leads to asymmetry of the dentition.

Protrusion of the incisors, i.e. leaning forward - this problem creates a noticeable visual defect for the patient. In addition to the unpleasant appearance, the protrusion of incisors formed at an early age also hinders the rapid development of the speech apparatus, in addition to visual problems, such teeth are most prone to injury and damage.

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