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6 Simple Tricks for Overcoming Dental Anxiety Forever

02 May 2022

At "Blits Dental Kakhaber Kharebava Clinic'' our goal is to help every single patient feel completely relaxed and comfortable. Studies in advanced European countries have shown that 80% of the population in developed countries suffer from some level of "dental anxiety". "Blits Dental Kakhaber Kharebava Clinic'' offers tips on how to overcome the fear of visiting the dentist.

How dental anxiety affects your health

Before focusing on ways to overcome the fear of visiting a dentist, it is important to understand  how anxiety affects our body.

Going to the dentist, getting preventive care, and addressing issues is critical to your dental and overall health. Letting your dental phobia hold you back from going to the dentist or getting recommended treatments can lead to negative outcomes like…

  • Stained and discolored teeth
  • Chipped, breaking, and cracked teeth
  • Gum disease
  • Gum recession
  • Cavities and tooth decay
  • Tooth loss

It is also important to note that these symptoms may be related to diseases of the oral cavity, such as cystic growths in the mouth and / or cancer. Going to the dentist is only for your benefit. Keeping this fact top of mind is important for your journey in overcoming your dental fears.

What are you afraid of? Recognizing your fear is the first step

Before you can overcome your dental phobia, you need to acknowledge and understand why it’s there in the first place. After some reflection, you may discover that there’s just one thing or a combination of factors to blame.

  • Pain

For many, there’s an assumption that dental care is inherently painful. The thought of pain would cause anyone to be fearful! Thankfully, modern-day dental techniques and treatments are far less invasive and much more gentle and comfortable than in the past.

  • Loss of control & fear of the unknown

Sitting back in a dental chair makes some people nervous and claustrophobic. Others have trouble getting comfortable because they’re not sure what’s about to happen. Not knowing exactly what to expect and feeling out of control can be unnerving. Dentist offices today take these fears into consideration and offer solutions. From amenities like pillows and  blankets to help you relax to detailed explanations of exactly what’s going on during your treatment. We can use a combination of things to help your visit be as comfortable as possible.

  • Bad experience in the past

If you have ever been to a rude and incompetent doctor this may be the reason why you have developed a fear of dental procedures and planning a visit to the clinic in general. We’re sad to say it, but some dentists don’t take the time and effort to provide the best possible experience for patients. If you’ve ever been to a dentist like this, you may feel scarred from the memory. Whether it was being pressured into a treatment you didn’t want or not feeling welcome, these kind of experiences can make you distrustful. The good news is, there IS better out there. The trick is to find and work with an honest and trustworthy dentist who will treat you with respect and compassion.

6 more tricks for overcoming your dental anxiety

"Blits Dental Kakhaber Kharebava Clinic" offers 6 tips to help you overcome the fear of visiting the dentist.

  • Find the right dentist so You’ll feel more comfortable and confident about the care you’re receiving.
  • Use relaxation techniques and medications. Ahead of your appointment, take some time to get in the right mindset.
  • Ask a friend or family member to join you during your appointment. 
  • Rushing to get to your appointment on time can cause you to get worked up. Don’t put unnecessary stress on the experience. Plan to arrive extra early to give yourself enough time to take it slow.
  • While it’s unfortunate that dental anxiety is so common, it does means that your dentist has a lot  of experience helping people just like you. Don’t keep your fears bottled up — be sure to let your dentist and dental team know that you feel nervous.
  • Ask lots of questions. Throughout your appointment, be sure to voice any concerns, questions, or discomfort. Your dental team is there to help.